Double-Tap to Reset

Good morning, IFC! ☀️
Today’s feature request is about the Locked camera view. Currently, when you switch locked on, it starts at a point like this one:

While this is beyond great for taxiing, etc, the problem is that once you move it away from that point, you cannot go back to the original starting point:

My request would be to implement a double-tap feature that would return the camera view to its original position. This would be a great way for pilots to perfect certain aspects of their flying experience.
Let me know if this was a good feature request, or if it’s simply not needed.
Cheers guys!

Ps: I researched if a similar topic was made, and I came across this one: Additional Post . Although this one was made to focus on the aircraft, instead of specifically resetting the respective camera view.

I admit, I find myself in many cases where this would come in real handy! You’ve got my vote on this one! Good idea! :D


Been longing for this for a years, looking forward to seeing if this can be implemented.

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Thanks, cheers mate!

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Likewise! Cheers!

Hmmm, I see so many accidental taps

I don’t think it’s a great idea, maybe on one or each but I hope not both

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That is a good point, but my solution would be to just return the camera to where you wanted it.

Lol it’d be quicker to call me lazy

I’m talking about recording something and the sim deciding you double tapped while you’re just trying some angle.

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My solution for that would be to make a setting for it that could be ticked on or off based on pilot discretion.

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