Double Sunset Flight

So I recently heard about the Qantas project sunrise, and I decided to try a similar route but with Air New Zealand. Because of when I started the route, this became a double sunset flight.

Server: Expert
Route: NZAA - EGLL
Flight time: 20:41
Aircraft: Air New Zealand B789
Callsign: New Zealand 7677 (SNRS = Sunrise)

Takeoff from NZAA (turned out to be a tailstrike…)

Sunset over the South Pacific

The beautiful French Islands (NTAA)

Approaching the US coast near SFO

Sunrise over North California

Entering the Hudson Bay

Just after sunset as we approach Ireland

Unorthodox go around caused partially by traffic (I had less than 1000kg fuel)



Wow! Nice pics! How did this plane have enough fuel?

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He must have done step climbs, no passengers, full fuel and no cargo.


What was ur route cause I usually go over russia?

Seeing how OP approached San Francisco I think OP might have went from NZAA- around the lax area(didn’t land) and - EGLL from there

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SFO not SJC, @BigBert10.
You had barley any fuel left, those are some nice pics.

I had 40 PAX and about 1500kg cargo I think. For some reason step climb doesn’t seem to make a difference in that plane. I started at 330 and climbed to 370 about 12 hours in.

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Yeah I went east.

All the special air New Zealand employees

I went east through the SFO area then up through Greenland. TBH this route long enough that finding the best winds becomes more important.

Only because qantas is doing 40 lol

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That’s cool I usually go over Russia but u managed to fly in live and still make it I usually fly in solo’s more too see if the 789 can make it cuz a380 can do it way easier