Double subscription

Hello there! I recently bought an Ipad so i switched from android to iOS and i bought a subscription in the Ipad from another card and the subscription on the android was from another card. The card in android is temporarily not allowed to do any online transactions but it happened and i already had a subscription till 3rd of June. So today unknowingly a subscription occurred and its extended from 3rd to 11th of June. So how can i work this out…i get a 2 month subscription from you guys till 3rd of July or request a refund? …Please help me out

As far as I’m aware, issues with payments and refunds need to be handled via the App or Play store. It may be worth sending @schyllberg a private message to attempt to resolve this issue.

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Could you tag him here please


I’ve cancelled and initiated a refund for you Play Store subscription.
You can track the status of the refund here:

The amount will be returned to the same payment method that was used to make the purchase.
For information about how long the refund might take, please refer to this help article from Google where it’s informed at the bottom of the page:


Thankyou very much. Will Inform you when i get the refund.

No need, we can’t really control that either way :)


Okay thanks.

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