Double rainbow at the airport!

Pretty strong cell popped up just outside the airport and moved in. I could’ve just gone home and come back on a clear day, or be patient until the system moves out. We decided to wait it out to take advantage of the smooth, cool air that the rain would leave behind. Not only did we get smooth sailing, we got a neat site out of it as well!



These are really pleasant photos. Nice shots!


Indeed they are pleasant. The simplicity of them with minimal to no editing/effects brings out Nature’s true vibrant light, in the form of a rainbow. The prop aircraft just add to the beauty, as they are some of the best aircraft to nature that you can fly! The location and time of day adds to the beauty.

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Thanks! :-)

Very well said, totally agree. Thanks!

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What airport is this???!!? It looks like my home airport

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Wow these photos are good.

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KGKT in Sevierville, Tennessee.

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I appreciate that!

Like it @JuniorAviator

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What came to mind when I read this.

Jokes aside, great photos my lad!

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Haha! I love it.

Oooh! Nice catch!

In Reykjavík, there was a triple rainbow which I didn’t even know existed, but it disappeared too fast for me to snap a picture of it!

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Wow, a double-rainbow is a rare sighting in my opinion; I like the photos you took!

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