Double payment

Hi, I payed double for a month! Can you return me money for wrong payment.

Can you please provide screenshots so you can prove that you have paid twice?

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Nope! We don’t need them, because FDS can do nothing for you, we recommend you to contact Apple Store or play store and they will help you for sure!


My mistake - sorry about that


I am sorry about that. when you received the bill from the PlayStore or AppStore you should report it

That happened to me, just click I already have a live subscription and do what you need to do with the password etc. Then it should work.

You might want to check this if you are an Apple user

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@Denis_Sukhanov Thank you for making this inquiry regarding a double payment for a Live subscription.

Feel free to contact me via PM with your Live account Username and Callsign so that we can discuss further to reach a resolution.

Thank you in advance!