Double Menu Overlay

Was flying the 757 and crashed. I pressed the replay and menu button the exact time when I crashed, and then it pops up with a crash, and a pause menu on top of each other.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Select the 757 with any region.
  3. Exactly the same time you crash the plane, press the replay and menu buttons.

Additional Info
iPhone 6
iOS 9.2
IF Version

I reproduced this several times, and there was one time I got a crash. Crash log is below.

Can you post a better picture, because in this one there is only the pause menu and can’t see the replay menu. So according to this picture it is fine.

There is a crash menu, and a pause menu. If you look at “CRASH!” you can see that there is the “PAUSED” text as well there. The “20s Ago” button is also mis-aligned. The weather, time, and weight & balance are all greyed out.