Double Load Screen and Glitched Replay Following Long Load Time

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Version Information

20.02.00 (457)

Device Information

Apple iPhone SE (2020)
iOS 14.0.1


Following a long load time in opening a replay, there would be a series of weird glitches in the WestJet Loading Screen. It would have a normal “Loading Your Flight” message before loading into the replay briefly, then bouncing back to the WestJet Loading Screen. Messages like “Downloading Aircraft - Infinity%” and “Downloading Aircraft NaN%” would then appear, along with sounds from the replay. Once the replay loaded, it would be extremely glitched, and the Interface would be lost as well. The replay plays the whole duration, but in a glitched state. Restarting the app lets the replay load and play without issues, however, it will still bounce from the WestJet Load Screen to the replay, and then back to the WestJet Load Screen before finally loading the replay fully.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Choose a replay. If a long load time happens, expect the issues.
  • See app bounce between load screen and replay, as well as play sounds before the replay is even loaded (this issue does happen quite a bit).
  • Let glitched replay play until completion. Restart app, and re-open said replay.
  • Load time seems to be reduced, but the bouncing between load screen and replay, as well as hearing replay sounds in the load screen still occur.
  • Replay is normal now.

Expected results

Replay should load without issue. No bouncing between load screens or pre-mature sound. Replay shouldn’t be glitched either.

Actual results

Bouncing between load screen and replay, early sound, and glitched replay.

Log sent?


More Information

YouTube Video showing the issue is below.

Did you try without the tapping?

I was going to, but I just get crash after crash when trying to load replays. I’ll try without tapping once I’m able to load a replay

Update: managed to load into a replay without tapping the loading circle, and had the same issue. Lost interface, replay glitched. Don’t have a screen recording this time :(