Double Jetbridges?



15 in KLAX, some in EGLL and 1 even in EGKK

That looks awesome! Great work, as always.

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If they already have 2D jet bridges, will they be animated or not once they are 3D?

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Give the devs some time ;). Take it one step at a time. Let’s start with non-animated ones. Animated ones would be simply amazing but if they can’t even make non-animated ones work, then I would assume that Matt, Philippe, and company would build up bit by bit.


Being a Network Engineer. I can tell you first hand on how difficult it is to have created what we have now and it being as stable as it is also. So for them to eventually do a large scale 3D rendering will take a great deal of time. Patience is key.

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These look amazing but why can’t I find these double bridges? Using an Ipad, have the latest update for the Ipad.

Do you have the A320?

These are only available with latest update. It is available currently on Android. IOS is imminent

Woohoo! Nice work Kilt and Sean! Very well done.

@Kilt_McHaggis does these markings actually exist in the real airport?

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