Double frequencies on TS1

Hey guys!

I discovered something very rare to happen on the training server.Ok so in Expert,you know when there is heavy traffic, IFATC might have to open 2 frequencies to have control of the traffic, but this usually doesnt happen in training server.I was controlling Tower with someone else, but I thought that this is only a feature in ES.I think it is useful as that controller was experianced and we made a good duo, but it still confuses me on how that occured.Has this ever happend to you?

I think it’s just a glitch.

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Well its a useful glitch

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Maybe we both opened at the exact same time

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One of you most likely has the “Obs.” tag meaning you are not actually controlling.

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Both of us were sending messages


On the beginning of IF Live on the ATC playground (the old name of Training server) there was two towers in some airports like KLAX. These were removed because it was total chaos with people contacting the wrong frequency for the runways or didn’t care about which was the good one so to avoid that I think devs removed that feature on TS.

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Hmmm never has this happened to me nor have I heard about this occurring. I bet two people looked onto the same frequency at the same time as you said.

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