Double Approach ATC Options

I’m going to be landing at Egll and I notice that there’s 2 approach controllers. Which am I to tune into?

This is a issue I think but I have had that also

Check ATIS info that will tell you.

Thanks will do

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It’s not an issue,ATIS tells you what to tune to. If you’re coming from South, contact 124.4 and if North then contact 134.9.


Right, I didn’t know this existed. Thanks for letting me know

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That have a assigned area to control on one on south and one on north like @Prashant_Divedi said

Well when I had it, i don’t have atis for Training

In expert we have multiple frequencies and ATIS,if needed we can open multiple frequencies to sort out the traffic.

TS doesn’t have ATIS, but then again, I’ve never seen multiple frequencies (for any position) on TS. Are you sure you weren’t on Expert?

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