Double Airport in the Pacific

Hi everyone, this is something I noticed today while flying in the Pacific:

Well, I searched on Google and it said ‘PHHF’ and ‘PHFS’ were the same airports (French Frigate Shoals) but appears to be TWO different ones on the island in IF. Can anyone tell me why that is?

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I’ll check this out soon for a fix. It most likely will not be in the next update.


Yes, thank you. Strangely, it appears that the runway length of the two are different. This is obviously a bug.

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I visited here, it was added in January changes (I think) and I’m pretty the old, non reworked airport wasn’t deleted.

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Yeah, but I’m sure PHHF is the correct one since the runway length matches the one IRL, but not PHFS.

And the apron also belongs to PHHF.

What’s happened is it has been redone under its new ICAO by an editor, however its previous ICAO is still a separate airport in game. We’ll simply just delete the file to the older version of the airport.

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I noticed this about a week ago as well. Went and played around there in an XCub just for fun lol

So there were 2 runways, right?

Feel free to PM me on airport issues like this. I’m one of the few people who can manage and fix this.

I have fixed the issue. Thanks for reporting this.