Dotted line at gate

Hi there,
Assuming I correctly parked my bus this morning, what is the other marking here for?

Some gates have two parking spots for different aircraft of different shapes and sizes (for example, there can be a Gate 36 and Gate 36-A, with each line designating one of the above!


Ok, clear, so smaller airplanes on the shorter line then, makes sense!
Thanks for clearing this up for me.

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Doesn’t have to be a smaller aircraft, it could also be a bigger one (depending on airport) :)

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Right, in this case though, it would be shorter. I’ll chek from now on.

Which airport and gate? I’m gonna double check to confirm before I say something wrong lol

Jamaica, Montego bay.

Just checked, and both lines can be used for big and small planes at this airport. It honestly depends on the airports layout and jet bridge etc.

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Ok, thanks. So it is written in charts. I’ll have a closer look for my future flights!

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I found this which is quite explicit:

Thanks again!


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