Dornier 328 in production again

Yes!! Finally! My second favorite aircraft will come in production again in 2023. I’ll try to update all here, news and development.

More info about this:

And more,

What do you think about this wonderful aircraft coming back?

I honestly can’t wait!!

(Credit: Me)


Looks like an awsome plane, it would make a great addition to the IF fleet


Yeah!!! I really want it

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This looks like a pretty cool plane, glad it’s in production again. Maybe bombardier will resume production of its Dash-8 to compete.

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Thats cool to hear!

Looks like a very interesting turboprop to me.

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I am probably going to offend someone by saying this but Never heard of it


Whaaaat? Anyways it’s an amazing aircraft. My second favorite! I really want it to come back

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These things are tiny.

But I like them. Glad they’re making them again.

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Nice livery!

I can’t wait to see one of these planes.

Is it on Airline Empires?

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Interesting design! I like it! 😊

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Yes, I made the template! It was pretty hard.

Thanks and Yeah I can’t wait too!

Thank you! But the important thing is that they’ll come back in real life. 🙂

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