Dornier 228


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What about Sevenair too! They have an amazing essential air service route all the way up and down Portugal!


Yes please, I’ve been eyeing to do flights like this for a while!

This is the absolute ugliest aircraft I have ever seen… but…


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This or the twin otter would definitely be a welcome addition to the game. It might even get people away from voting for boring modern airliners

Operating for coast guards, air forces and airlines. It would definitely spice things up a little

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Boxy boi, interesting… But honestly I’d prefer the Twin Otter first, when it gets added I’ll spare a vote for this.

Really want this in Infinite Flight. You have my vote!

I only really want them to release A330-200 and B747-400 + 400F&800F, however, this plane looks friendly. I’d give it a shot. It can’t be worse than the new B757.

Here, have my vote! Tosses vote at post

These planes are a lot bigger than you think, saw them at the airport the other day.

I don’t have any votes left but I would love to fly it in IF one day

I’m definitely liking this One.
Used in The North.Yellowknife 🇨🇦Under Summit Air. This lands in my hometown CYLK Lutselke NT, a 3000FT Gravel Runway