Dope's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KAFW

Hey everyone! Looking to get some more practice with ATC as public pilots drive me nuts for the most part! I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, but hopefully! I am fairly new to controlling so please take it easy on me :D Currently in training for IFATC!




Airport :


Server :

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Heya! Glad to see more people getting into ATC, but I suggest you to:

  • If you are an IFATC recruit, you should move this post to the #atc section
  • (Deleted part about requiring IFATC membership)
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Oh, I apologize! I didn’t realize I had to be a recruit. Will sign up now for it!

Are you sure on this? Because when you look in the ATC category it says the below. It suggests you do not have to be in training just working towards it.

But I agree this has to be in #atc


Ok, I will at least put it in #atc! I just applied for IFATC any who :)

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05:04:37 - When I requested the runway change to 26L the pattern entry was incorrect. Instead of ‘enter right base’ it should’ve been enter right downwind. You wanna give pattern entry’s on the leg the aircraft is already in the pattern, not the next leg their gonna be on.

05:08:42 - You also missed my exit runway instruction, it seemed like you gave it to the wrong aircraft (N954OL) they were in the air at the time. Always pay attention, it could’ve been easily corrected and wouldn’t be a problem.

Overall awesome job! Thanks for the service, I was 6O-SMA btw… feel free to ask any questions, if you have any haha

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05:04:37 - Understood! I will keep an eye out for next time.
05:08:42 - I think I caught this but I realized it was too late to correct as you were already taxiing so I kind of brushed it off. I’ll try to pay closer attention next time.

Thank you for your time and practice! Hope many more to come :D

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Oops sorry my bad, I thought the persuing IFATC meant officially training 🥴


Tag me when you open if you’d like; I’ll try and stop by.

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I would love to! Thanks for your help ☺️

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Opening KONT for 30m or so!

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Can’t make this one, but enjoy!

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Feel free to take me mate!

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I’m on for 30mins at OMAA - training.
Thank you! 🙏

If it was expert, I was about to land there.

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Nvm tag me next time

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haha I appreciate the opportunity, hoping to be on Expert soon :-) Added to tag list!

I’m actually going to land in Dubai in 1.20 hours but let’s end the flight and give you some feedback

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Feedback from YA-FLY

  • Perfect service, except I’m not sure why I got the avoid duplicate msgs and the pushback approval again, I think you thought it was me even though it was someone else requesting (you might’ve been confused cause I changed my call sign mid pushback cause I forgot to change from VA).
  • Missed the exit command (since I was for the option you probably got a little off guard) but if that happens, sending a handoff is a good option, perfect!

PS: who’s your trainer? Just wondering

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Can you extend the time a little