Doors that can be opened.

Hey guys, I think that it would be cool if the doors can be opened in IF.
And it applies to all aircraft.
If we did an emergency landing on the water or land this could be useful.
Plus we should have that inflattable slide (or whatever you call it) added.


They have them for the CRJ family and TBM also the C130’S

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Well this is for all aircraft.

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FDS are working on aircraft constantly. I’m sure that working doors will come eventually for all aircraft, but patience is key!


They’d probably have to fully rework the aircraft though because the 737 what we know right now dosent have working doors.


Hello, this is a duplicate.

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The old one was 2 years old; I’ve closed it down and this’ll stay open.

I would also love to have this, however if the past is any indication then the developers probably won’t be adding this unless an aircraft is reworked. Cool idea though!


They add this on new or remade aircrafts I think

This has clearly been added to all new or fully reworked aircraft so is not needed; it’s obviously coming 😉