Doors Open Warning Before Pushback

This is just kind of a way to prevent pilots from leaving their doors open for flights. Its not really stopping them from doing it, just giving a warning that the doors are open if indeed they want to close them.

Why do we need this?

If you have ever been looking through replays and found the perfect screenshot with another plane, and then realized they have their doors open, it sorta ruins the picture.

Also, its annoying when you legitimately forget that you left them open and realize halfway through your flight.

Many pilots like me tend to stick to the cockpit cam, and may not notice the doors position. Here is what I envision:

A gray box similar to that when you are nearing violation, but merely says “Open Doors” or something similar. It could also have an exclamation mark. I would like it to have a “Tap to dismiss” feature, so if you don’t care or don’t want the message you can get rid of it fast.

My idea is that toggling pushback with doors open will trigger the message.


Any thoughts?

I vote for this feature! It has happened a few times to me that I pushback and realized I have of couple of doors still open, and even seen people who land at an airport with the cargo hold door open for example. A combination of visual warnings and disabled pushback button should tell the user to close the doors before departure.


good idea. i have done it myself to be honest. a big LOL

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I don’t really seem to have this problem but I think it would be a good idea, overall I do like it.

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I once took off in the 757 with the cockpit window still open😅

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Nice idea ! It would be nice

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It would be nice if we just had the door option for ECAM pages so people can double check


I have voted!!

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I completely agree. This along with more small things like this should be brought to the game. All we need to do is dream it.

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Okay that display would be really cool, but I am not sure if the warning feature itself is needed rly… idk tho

This would be great! Happens to me all the time lol

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I don’t quite see the problem. I think a little fresh air is nice. Helps calm the senses…

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100% ^

No need for a giant cartoonish warning, all we need is a door indicator on the ECAM/EICAS

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But that won’t stop people from forgetting, unless they constantly look down at the display (which most people don’t do).

Also you will be able to hide the warning with a tap.

If you have your doors closed it won’t give you a warning at all!

Well if you can’t check your EICAS for flags before push, then that’s another issue.

Do we need a big on-screen warning for flaps/gear/lights/autopilot modes/nav modes also?

No we don’t

But what I’m saying is that currently there is no reason to check it before pushback. If its added, yes there will be a reason, but you can also just forget because you have never had to look down in the past.

Its pretty simple. You won’t even see the warning if you have your doors closed. I don’t really understand why you are against it.

I understand where you are coming from, but the entire point of an EICAS/ECAM is to alert the crew to the aircraft’s configuration.
Right now we display “APU running” on there to serve as a reminder to shut it off once you have started up, flaps and flight controls are also displayed. I think the vast majority of competent people are already checking it.

While I don’t think it would be necessary for a giant on screen warning which is very video game-like, “doors open” on the EICAS should catch your attention as you are preparing to push since it would display as long as avionics had power and there is an open door.

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I see this.

But then why do we have a taxi speed warning? Airspeed warning? Shouldn’t pilots be able to just look at their airspeed/groundspeed and verify they aren’t breaking the rules?

Its for the less experienced pilots that:

  • Don’t necessarily know where to look
  • Don’t understand how to read the gauges

We may understand how to use it, but for someone that is new to IF or aviation in general its alot harder.

Because you can get a violation for that

IF should not aim to cater primarily to the least experienced demographic. That’s why RFS exists.

But seriously I think a door warning would be great, but an onscreen message should be reserved for things that you can get punished for (violations, ATC auto tune,TFRs), not config issues

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