(Doors open/close). Now that you have it, do you use it?

I personally do. I’ve only used the newest addition a hand full of times and each time has been a pleasure just tinkering with the doors and the new camera views. For how long, who knows, for now it’s nice to dawdle before takeoff.


Yes, I do, I love pretending that I’m dropping parachuters.


I do like the looks of flying with the side doors open and the ramp at partial.


Not really , when I land I can’t resist thou !

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The doors opening and closing makes the game that much more fun! I enjoy doing simulated missions, like a tactical landing and putting the ramp down as soon as possible.


I use them.

Role play lol

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I use them. Coast Guard livery 500’ alt rear door partially open, up and down the south Florida coast KOPF…It’s great!

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Surprisingly, more often than I expected :) adds some nice touches to flight preparation/completion and of course the paradrop/cargo delivery missions can be emulated which adds to the overall sim experience


:I was ATC Tower at ONT at 07:30Zulu and pretty much every C-130 that spawned started off by opening and closing their cargo ramp and side doors over, and over, and over, and over again, LOL.

After a while I felt the need to issue a “Say intentions”. ;)

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Always use them, they are awesome!

Theses features are awesome especially the backside doors. Yes I use them

why is that?

Just so they knew the tower was watching them play. Nothing weird.
I played with the doors and cargo camera angles for hours myself! ;)

Don’t use the say intentions command for that unless they have not specified what they have intended to do.(e.g Depart the airspace or call inbound for a landing or touch and go).

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Sorry about that. Thanks for the tip!

He didn’t do it. He was simply saying it as a joke to sort of show how long and interested in the aircraft his pilots were. Personally I think it’s funny lol
. Don’t get so hard on him ;)

My exact same story

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The feature is pretty cool, and can be fun to use. However, if IF is meant to be a sim, I find this feature a little ‘gimmicky’.

Does Aerofly have this? I think it is quite inventive and allows the user to ‘simulate’ assault landings and parachuting.

Fantastic job IF. Any by the way if you don’t like it simply don’t use it. Then you can simulate that the aircraft doesn’t even have these doors. Everyone is happy… well that will never happen. Good job as always IF.