Doors closing system

Doors closing system

Dear Infinite Flight Community,
I would firstly apologise as I did not manage to put this in the ‘Feature’ category as I meant.

About the matter, I was flying in London when I saw something wrong with a Lufthansa Regional CRJ 900 which was taking off from LCY: its service door was open and it remained so for the whole takeoff procedure, as the pilot did not notice it. Now, I perfectly know that it is indeed possible and probable to commit these mistakes, therefore I would pose the question: would it be possible to add an alarm which advises the pilot that something is still open when the engines begin to run?

Thank you for your attention,

Giacomo Barra

Yes this should be under features but you are not at TL 2. there should not be an alarm or something as there is not one in real life so it would not be realistic and I suggest you check the exterior before pushback like I do to avoid this situation :)

In my opinion, there is no need. It is the Pilots responsibility not to hurt any passengers along the flight. As an experienced flyer here in Infinite Flight, there is no need for this type of feature to make it happen. Let’s not complicate about the whole additional features here in Infinite Flight. Is this the training server?

Just my opinion! :)

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No, this was just fifty minutes ago in the Expert Server. That is why I was surprised to see it.

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But yes, I do believe you are both right and it ought to be indeed pilot’s responsability to chech the aircraft prior to startup. I was just wondering…
Thank you for your responses!

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At least it’s only a game 😂 No passengers hurt

When I was reading the top part, I actually thought it was IRL and was very confused.

Actually there is a light in the flight deck that illuminates when the doors are open. Do I think there should be an alarm, no. There are other things that should be implemented though. Maybe do a feature request for a warning panel?

I have seen this before with other aircraft functions (i.e. strobe lights, engines, ect), where they appear to be on/off or open/closed when the other person says the function is wornking properly. More likely than not this was a glitch occuring on your end.