Door options on planes

Dear Developers,
Congratulations on your recent update for IF, I love everything that you have done to add the ground services and new lighting for all the airports. I love everything that has come to the new update, I know that there is going to be improvements and new things coming in future updates, but I have a question on the door operations. In the previous updates one of the big selling points of this game was that you had the ability to open all the doors on the aircrafts that had operating doors. this feature has been replaced with only having door operations on the ground services. while this is a grate new update I was surprised when I was not able to open the other doors like in the past. Will this future be brought back in future updates down the road or remain the way new way?

Once again i want to congratulate the entire team on the new update and cant wait to hear the response that you and other community members have for me.

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Good question, however I think that you may need to edit your post and put it under the support category

Hello, to keep utmost realism, the devs have the ground services automatically open cargo doors/passenger doors, etc. for selected aircraft with actions. This is because IRL pilots don’t control door movement.

Hi! I agree that pilots themselves are not typically opening/closing doors on aircraft IRL, but in real world operations flight crew and/or grown crew are able to open whatever doors on the aircraft they would like/need while parked. So I have to (respectfully) disagree with the opinion that the move is in favor of realism and I personally believe that not allowing us to operate doors on the aircraft as we would like actually takes us further from realism for those of us who like to extend the simulation experience to the ground operations/experience.

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I think they are trying to avoid having a lot of sub-menu so the interface isn’t clunky.

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