Doonies ATC Tracking Thread {PASSED PRACTICAL}

Hello everyone, I am starting this tracking thread so I can receive feedback for my work as ATC. I will post here whenever I am ATC.
I’m currently at JFK so feel free to join me here!

Server: Training Server
Airport: KJFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York)
Services: Tower, Ground

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Hi, I was with the callsign N902GE. I’ve listed some of my observations below:

  • Ground commands were good!

  • When I requested change to runway 22L, a pattern entry as well as a clearance are required. Therefore, i reported my position on final.

  • Late runway exit command.

Your overall controlling is quite good. Hope to see you as an IFATC!

Thank you!
Yes I know realize I should’ve cleared you. I forgot that I didn’t clear you for the runway change. And yep I should’ve given you the exit command earlier. Thanks for the feedback!

Hello, callsign Scandinavian 940. As stated above ground commands were good. I´ll list somethings to keep in mind next time

  • Exit command, First time you issued me one I had just touched down and was not at a safe speed neither did I intend to full stop. Exit runway command should only be issued if an aircraft is at a safe and controlled speed. Last time you did was a bit too late but it happens.

  • When clearing me for the option you don’t need to tell me to make right traffic again unless its changed.

  • Also when I reported on final full stop, I wanted to tell you that I was landing, therefore the “you were already instructed to land” command was unnecessary.

  • I would also recommend to change airport to an airport that does not have runways crossing each other to help in the beginning.

  • Also when I departed 13R I made right traffic but planes departing 22R was told to make left traffic which caused close calls.

Other than that you knew the commands and used them perfectly, good luck and hope to see you soon in expert!

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I definitely need to work on my exit commands and patterns. I will try a parallel runway airport next time. Thanks

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