Don't you just...

Don’t you just hate when your on final approach or you just landed from a good flight and out of no where Infinite Flight crashes. All that xp and flight time gone. Well that’s what just happened to me! I was taxiing to a gate and BAM, a 1 hour and 37 minute flight is now worth nothing. Ahhhh! Share some of your experiences and join my ‘whhhhhyyyy?!?!’ crying team.


I’m pretty sure up next you would have people crying because they tapped End Flight instead of Calibrate LOL


I flew KLAX-KPSP-KSAN-KNUC-KLAX and IF chrashed while taxiing to parking. I have no idea how long that flight was.

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Who cares about XP. Isn’t the enjoyment of the flight enough?


True, I only fly to relax and when I’m bored.


That doesn’t tend to annoy me as much as messing up the landing. It still annoys me, but - put it this way - there is nothing YOU could’ve done about the app crashing. That’s just it. Sods law. Nothing could have been done, so why be mad?

If I mess up the landing however, I think, I COULD, have managed to do that well, it was well within my capabilities, I’ve done it before, I could have changed the outcome of that. Instead I embarassed myself by messing up the landing of an otherwise-perfect flight. That makes me way more annoyed, especially as you can’t ‘beat’ the app by doing it well, without starting all over again.


It is really annoying when this happens on final .

This is caused by your device saying “hey I’m not letting this fool get is XP, flight time, and landings”. So it crashes to troll you. I hate when that happens. Once I was on final in KSAN then just before I touched down the sim crashed.


Infinite Flight has never crashed for me and i use max settings on an iPhone 6s

Because you have an on fleek device that can handle it. I have an iPad 2 so it would crash.

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I suggest restarting and refreshing your device every time you fly. And I also suggest that you low all the settings in the live part.

My little iPad 2 has been stressed a lot and still runs. I have airplane and water quality on high. I just stay out of crowded area, stay away from Matt sadly, and stay away from a big group of people with new aircraft (ex: dash 8).
This is all to reduce lag while having higher quality. Sorry Matt.


Sad indeed.

My tip: before a long flight: close all you apps, switch off-on you table or phone, and go!

Good point.

Well I was flying for three hours my flight plan started from KNUC to KONT land (get more passengers/drop some off) then to KLAX (do same thing as KONT) then back ito KNUC so in a triangular pattern… but when i landedat KNUC I touched down it froze then unfroze and I was falling off the island. And I crashed I was so mad but at least I got XP.

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IF has never crashed on me after I land, but I do hate those moments when there’s 10 people holding short, I’m on final and everybody’s watching me, and my device is lagging like hell. It’s a little embarrassing. Lol


Things always go wrong when you’re put in the spot. All other times IF works normally and flying is easy, but when you have the pressure of people watching is when mistakes are made. Just how life is lol.

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The first IPad, Crashes all the time on final, time to get a new one :)

For my event I flew on PG from KHHR-KONT-KEDW-KPSP-KSAN-KNUC-KLAX, and on approach to KLAX, IF crashes. After three hours of flying!

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Yes, but when you’re close to being grade 5 and every minute counts, its quite depressing… lol