Dont you hate it when you drop back to grade 2

I was doing a 9 hour flight from TNCM- EGLL and i was on decent. By accident i dropped my phone, some how in this good earth my aircraft plummeted to the earth and i couldnt slow it down fast enough and got a over speed violation 😭😅. Out of all days too


Thats insanely unlucky. If that reoccurs, just close the app and hope that flight resume saves your flight before that happens lol


You should always slow down quite early because at lower altitude it can be hard to slow down with no flaps or gear

This is not relevant to the post, please read it.

Ah read that wrong as he dropped it phone


Why were you on manual flight instead of using vertical speed

I think you miss understand, i droppee my phone and for some reason it disabled the autopilot mid flight .

Yes I understood after I read it the second time

I was thats the crazy part. When i dropped my phone the autopilot disabled.

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I wonder how long i have to wait .

Weird (10chara)

a week I think :/

Damm i was hoping it wouldnt be so long