Don't use "continue taxi" for taxi requests

Dear Playground controllers,

When an aircraft says “ready to taxi” do NOT reply with “continue taxi”, that gives the pilot no instructions because they won’t know which runway to taxi to, “continue taxi” should only be used when a hold position command is given and the path for the aircraft is clear.

Sincerely, a frustrated advanced controller


It’s about time someone posted this. Though I suppose the only person who will actually need this said to him will be nickchan


The only time you ever need to use it is when you tell a plane to stop even though lazy atc controllers overuse it.


Or when a PG pilot requests taxi after getting 2 clearances already, but that’s just me getting annoyed at him :D


When a playground controller does that to me, I request taxi until they tell me where to go


@The_simulation_nerd… Max Sez, Right on. I fly the Playground a lot and will until they finally staff a full ATC node on the Advance vice there favorite tower routine.
As for the Taxi goof I I Alway send “Correction-Stand by” then “Request taxi”. The term correction seems to get all ATC attention. I also hate the premature “Freq Chg” sent by Controller w/o request when I’m still in there controlled airspace when only a tower is operational. Different strokes!


dear peanuts controllers

Guys, remember all advanced ATCs have also been on the playground practicing. A few of the people actually do know exactly what to do and how to do it but all peanuts are simply making their job harder.

And yea, about time someone posted this.


I also hate the premature “Freq Chg” sent by Controller w/o request when I’m still in there controlled airspace when only a tower is operational

Max, as you know: ATC in IF sometimes need to clean up the ‘flight strips’. “Freq Chg” is the only possibility to ask a pilot to switch to another frequency, and that sometime is really necessary, specially in SoCal, otherwise an unexperienced controller could loose control just due to the number of listed pilots in the app. I agree totally, often this command is used without any need, but if ATC is controlling several planes, please let’s follow this “Freq Chg” and switch to Unicom. For a pilot that’s not a problem, and ATC will have an easier life and better experience in PG.

I don’t understand how people can use the flight strips, they are good but in my opinion I just look at what’s on my radar.

Totally agreed @Maxmustang

@grxninesix@Samuel123@hjo. Max Sez; Guys, I believe the “Volunteer” Controllers do a fine job on both the Playground & Advanced! There may be a few fledglings and Peanuts scattered about in thier lot but all and all we as pilots should be grateful for there willingness to sacrifice there time and extra effort and stop beating the dead horses. If the “Pilots” and I use the term loosely would Approch this simulators with the respect it deserved as the Advance ATC do we’d all be better off!. As for the “Strips” Han’s it’s time management. Eventually Controllers will start communicating inner node! and orcastrating the flow. " Stacking/Holding Patterns" for the inbounds slows the flow, stop releasing craft from parking and loading up the wait line ect. That provides admin time. The other thing is education, most Pilots don’t know or understand communication procedure. Nobody has taken the time thus far to emphasize the Freq Chg necessity and its impact on the present comm lash up. As for my comment on the gratuitous call, why bother until the outbound exits the restricted airspace then just clear the strip if no next level agency is in play. I’m just say’in. Everybody has an opinion, for me what ever works IAW the FAR & IF required modifications.

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To any PG controllers: if you use this and then get people taxiing to the incorrect runways you want this is the main reason (amongst others)


They could made it so that the introduction “Continue taxi” is ONLY avaible if ATC said before “hold Position”.

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Now this is a good idea

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