Don't sink announcement on aircraft

The computer voice on a plane on final will always repeat, “Don’t sink! Don’t sink! Don’t sink!” One who knows nothing about the announcement would be thinking, “Oh, shut up aircraft!” What does the “Don’t sink!” signify? What does it mean?
IRL, not in IF!!!

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Well… I know nothing of these things so, lets just say that the computer want some attention

I wanted to know the answer, not what you think about the answer that you don’t have any idea what it is.
Anyone who knows?

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Its sink not sync… :)


It means on takeoff reminding the pilot NOT to decrease the altitude.

Eventually, most will understand that quite a bit of aviation-based terminology is self-explanatory to some degree.

As an average user, I would discern the “don’t sink” callout is simply reminding me of my approach-minimums based on a series of variables.

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