Don't mess around on approach at Queenstown!

 Welcome back dear pilots. Today we have awesome pictures of my trip to Queenstown. 
                     We also had 2 special guests at the end. 
              So without any further blabla let's get to the pics
Flight details

flight time: 1hr 22mins

                               Now the juicy stuff

                           Now the usual flight preping

                                Climb power set

                        We cruising along the coastline

                Now cruising with the nice scenery below us

                 Descending and plane too close to mountains

                           On final. -250fpm ain't to bad

@MishaCamp Now guest number 1 final. greased the landing

@Dan Guest number 2. also greased his landing

                              Everyone is parked and unloading. 

                                   Thank you for tuning in.

I once had to go around, when it was featured, and boy I was lost since I couldn’t (and can’t) read charts 100%… The one of Queenstown didn’t make things easier, too xD

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thats why u got watch youtube vids first (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Stunning pictures Queenstown is amazing Thanks for sharing!

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no problem. Always a pleasure.