Don't mean to annoy anybody

Good afternoon/morning as i am decending into beautiful Miami i noticed on the Hiley 7 arrival on IF there is no altitude restrict but when i double checked on Skyvector there was a bunch so i just wanted to put it out there. Also since im already on the topic the update is nice just pointing out when u click on another pilots info it glitches if u scroll up (hopefully its a known bug by now) take care y’all

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In IF you do not need to follow them

However it is always good to follow them, I always do :)

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Yea man i always do i just input the Alt myself to be true to the STAR plus i love kmia so i had too lol


The program Infinite Flight uses for their navigation database and procedures is normally slow to update their procedures. You can manually enter these altitude restrictions by selecting a waypoint on your flight plan and clicking, “Set Alt.”

You can find procedures here:

Also, the glitch you mentioned already has been shared. You can report your finding here:


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Ight good to know this topic can be closed whenever the mods wake up tomorrow

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Fortunately for you, I’m perfectly awake and currently serving as unpaid labor in the wee hours of the evening.

Laughs sadly.