Dont like the legroom on US Carriers? Here's your topic

Some happy news

Here is the article explaining the new bill that has been passed to keep airline from putting their seats too close togther

U.S. House lawmakers passed legislation late Wednesday that would give federal regulators the authority to set minimum standards for seat size and leg room on flights.

The house set a time limit “a provision that gives the Federal Aviation Administration a year to establish minimum pitch, width and length on airplane seats to ensure they are safe for passengers”

They did this because it has been proven that safety is affected because passengers cant move as easily in smaller planes. They say seats need to be wide enought to evacuate the plane in 90 Seconds

Personally, I am very happy about this because the average leg room today is 31 inches but some have some planes with 28inches. Experts say they will need to put it at 36 to 37 inches of legroom to meet their 90 seconds evacuation.

Hope you enjoy this and hopefully you’ll read the article more


Now is that for all the airlines that have flights into the US, or just the airlines that are BASED in the US?

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The airlines that the FAA control

I feel like that is super vague. Because some airlines that aren’t necessarily based in the US, but do have flights in the US could claim that the FAA doesn’t control them.

Ganna take it as anyone with a 14CFR121, 14CFR135 certificate is the ones going get targeted

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I’m fairly well-versed in most areas of US aviation regulation, but I have never heard of those certificates before. What do they grant?

They’re operating certificates

14CFR121 are for companies like Alaska Airlines, FedEx ect.
14CFR135 are for Air taxis/smaller operations, so my company, Ravn Alaska, 10 Tanker Air Carrier ect.

and they grant you access to fly commercial operations within US Airspace?

Yes they do

Okay. So yeah if you’re interpreting the language within the new bill correctly, that would mean any and every commercial airline with operations in the US would have to overhaul and refit their aircraft. Or at least the aircraft that fly the US routes.

Their seating will need to be Fed’s standards. And what the feds set Airlines need to form to

They will prob have it apply only to new AC, AC that get a major refit for other reasons and maybe they would phase it in for older AC over many years.

The FAA may also decide to basically say the sizes that exist today are OK but no smaller.

Another story on the same bill:

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I hope not… I already get crapped enough as it is.

As a tall (6’ 3") and large person, believe me, I feel your pain!!! I hope not too.

They said that all aircrafts must get changed in 5 years so that all passengers can get out in 90 seconds or less. Not only new AC but old ones too

On the same boa… I mean plane as you.

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I’m 6’3" as well actually.

I’m 6’4" soooo… we all feel the pains

HIP HIP HORAAY!!! God I hope this gets past.

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Yea so the FAA has 1 year to set it into place and then 5 years to enforce it. So well see what they set it at and what airlines change it first in the next couple of years