Don't go crazy if approach goes offline... (expert server)

So yea, I was flying on the expert server for the first time in months, on NZAA, just 1 minute ago. I was waiting to take off and in the meanwhile I was looking at the map to see if there is any gap where planes can take off. But then I see this… what used to be a nice sequence has fallen apart into this mess

It turns out that APP just went offline for 1 minute. Immediately everyone starts to cut the line and go in one straight way for the runway, WHY?! The result is one big mess for the tower controller and some angry people on the community complaining about the IFATC service… We have to do it together guys ATC and pilots… take a look yourself if the APP goes offline and help tower out, instead of turning to the runway as fast as you can and crash into each other while trying to land. There is no rush to land I suppose, if you are in a hurry it is better to just leave or go to another airport nearby.

Conclusion: you as a pilot are responsible aswell! Especially on the expert server!


I don’t know why this happened but I do agree with you pilots should be more respectful to others especially on Expert server :)

This is a big frustration… it happens every day all the time. Approach closes or has a connection issue and several aircraft simply start flying directly to the cone. I had a similar situation at LSZH on Monday… about a dozen aircraft simply flying towards the cone without any regard to traffic around.


I totally agree! I made a post on this as well, and am really happy to see that pilots are catching on. Approach controllers have a line to get aircraft in as efficiently and safely as possible, and there is no reason to mess with it.

Thanks for putting this out here!

Yes I know, that is why I brought it up here. Hopefully people think twice know if APP goes offline

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Oh, I tried finding for other similar topics, but couldn’t find one, my bad

No problem at all! I did not intend to be “police” and tell you about a duplicate. This topic is a great reminder about how this affects both pilots and controllers, and should stay open!
I was merely pointing out that others most definitely agree with you 😁


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