Don't get too excited for next updates?

Debby downer much? Jokes aside, the devs will make sure there are no bugs and it’s at the best state possible, and that’s why it takes forever to be released :)

Well my “perdiction” is that the devs won’t release a feature that is as imperfect that it keeps crashing. They NEVER release anything with lots of bugs and glitches. There is a beta team that performs rigorous testing of the app before release. The devs check it, polish it, make it crystal clear.


These are part and parcels of new updates. Give it some time for them to fix it! We could also do our part by reporting bugs! ;)

Also, there is Apple in the picture. The updates will have to comply with their requirements. I wonder what will happen should Apple decline an update. Will it be available to Android only? Just thinking.

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