- DONT enter runway without clearance - Training Server Stories

I see this way to much on training server i miss advanced i see many other things including

After 1 hour of gaining XP on the Training server I have seen many things…

  • requesting taxi and a.t.c. just saying continue taxi over and over

  • requesting radar vectors and being told to descend mid-flight to 2,000 feet and turn away from destination.

  • Aircraft chasing after you well above speed limit

  • People Doing random acrobatics around airports

  • Aircraft blocking the runway

  • People Spamming Frequency

  • People on final at 220 knots with gear up

just to name a few…


Well we all know the horrible stuff that can happen on this server and unfortunately the only thing we can do is report the nimrods. #flyexperttoday


If you like some of us are stuck to the training server till we get back our XP…just use that handy dandy report user button. It’s there for a reason! Don’t let the trolls and bad pilots ruin it :)

Um… What?

i meant to say 1 xD

Yeah it is training server like you said. And also I have been wanting to ask you is that your photo on your profile because it’s really awesome

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