Don't do acrobatics near airports

As seen above, I was not near a controlled airfield, the closest controlled airfield was about 15 NM away. I was doing a VFR flight from 1CA6 WHICH IS UNICOM. Can system ghosts be revoked? I was in TS1. And had previously gotten clearance from Approach to do VFR, sadly I don’t have a screenshot for that.

Can you prove that you were not doing aerobatics? For all that we know, you were, but then stopped to take a screenshot. You were loosing altitude fast.

Aerobatic maneuvers of any kind is not authorized in the vicinity of an airport like this. This was a system ghost because you were right overtop of a field. VFR is not always the golden ticket.

Utilize the casual server if you wish to fly like this.


I was doing some stall recovery and lost altitude fast before I recovered… . . that makes sense as to why it was a system ghost. :/ how far away should I be from an airport, and can this be done in expert under the right circumstances?

30 NM from any airport, and yea it can be done on the expert server.

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Never do stall recovery over a field. Even in real life
Edit: ESPECIALLY in real life


Thank you very much, if you guys have any suggestions where I can go do this on the expert server let a brother know via PM. If a mod can please close this topic, I’ve found my answer.