Don't Click On This Topic - Sunset Spotting at Seattle!

Hello, IFC!

Yesterday, I went spotting with my broken lens

Here’s how it went:

The usual Alaska floods that arrive at SEA around the clocc

Just when you thought the Alaska arrivals were done

The evening FedEx rush delivering a bunch of stuff to the area…

the likelyhood of there being a live Axolotl in these planes is low… but not 0

Finally, some smexy Mount rainier action!

My broken lens:

I have a Canon Ultrasonic 75-300MM lens and it worked fine until a few weeks ago, now it only works on 300mm. Whenever I change the focal length and shoot, I get an error code 1 and i have to turn off and back on the camera then take the next shot. I now have to use it as a fixed 300mm lens for it to work, if you have any ideas, please helpo

also theyre all out of focus because dark

Have a great day!

Stay safe



Love the angle on the pictures! You certainly made the best use of your camera despite a broken lens! A particular fan of the control tower image with Mt. Rainier in the background.

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Don’t read this comment


Thank you so much!!

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Perhaps if you can turn off in the camera recording efix data? That’s kinda all I can figure, or maybe cleaning the pins off that attach the lens electronically. Error code 1 just means bad interface with the lens so it’s very general. Does auto focus work? I think that would be a good indicator of just how screwed you are.

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Took me a good 20 seconds to realize i read it because my brain lags like a 2005 DELL

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Auto focus works
Stabilization works

I’ve cleaned the pins many times and have had them inspected by a pro so that’s not the issue. One of my thoughts is that since its a rather old model of the lens and my camera is a newer series, maybe they don’t work as well after a while together? Idk just thinking out loud

If they worked before an incompatibility shouldn’t crop up after some use. One suggestion, what aperture are you at? I presume that lens isn’t fixed aperture, so try setting your lens to idk, like at least f7-8+ to make sure it’s past whatever the aperture constricts to at the long end. Then if you turn off efix data (if that’s even possible, idk) I see no reason the camera should even give two hoots what focal length the lens is. If that doesn’t work than I’m a little stumped. AF is like kinda the only thing that requires a significant amount of communication and that works, so idk what changing focal length would screw up with the camera.

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The current focal length i use is F/8 and i always use F/8 because i always shoot in AV

Do you think changing to M or TV or any other mode would help?

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beautiful shots 🤩🤩🤩

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Thank you so much!

Idk, I don’t really see how it would be mode specific. Have you contacted cannon? First party lens and body they should be able to offer something. Even if it’s just give us money to fix it they can at least tell you if this is just a weird setting of a more substantial issue.

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I’ve emailed them but haven’t had a reply

I also went to a physical camera store to get it checked out and they said it was toast then tried to sell me a $1200 lens so idk if i should trust their “analysis”

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I mean they could well be right on the toast thing tbh, but they must not be great at selling what customers want if they are trying to suggest you a $1,200 lens to replace a 75-300 which costs, what? $200 new? Probably sub $100 second hand? Borderline laughable imo. Regardless of wether you need a new lens who’s bright idea was it to suggest that one 😂

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I’m saving up for the classic canon 75-300mm and a lens magnifier so i can get to 600mm

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I might suggest the 55-250. Little more $$$ and a little less mm, so it seems like a bad deal, I know, but the images will be noticeably sharper.

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me double checking that 300x2 is indeed 600

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Ooh alright!

Do you recommend getting refurbished lenses or is that a nono?

If it’s refurbished from the manufacturer or a reputable source like Amazon certified refurbished then I don’t see any reason why not. Just second hand though and imo you are playing a high stakes lottery but there are plenty of stories of people getting a great lens for a great price.

Actually come to think of it what camera body do you have? The 75-300 and 55-250 have slightly different compatibility’s I believe.

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I have a canon 80D

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