Don't change your freq without permission! (APP)

If I play APP people change there frequentie from APP to TWR without permission, and not on the right time! If there is an APP you don’t contact Tower bevore the APP gives permission to do that!
The thing I hate the most, people don’t change back! Change your freq if APP ask 4 times to contact approach! I don’t want to ghost people so just listen!




Before I takeof at TNCM, I pressed on ‘request frequentie change’ but I doesn’t want, I want to request take off 😂


And aways, the ATC of advanced says always ‘frequenty change approved’ :)

So everyone read this? Okay Nice!

For the people that don’t know, APP controllers want the least amount of people on their frequency. When there is more people, there is more chaos. So what APP controllers usually do is take them from center when they are descending on the Arrival or given an altitude to maintain. Then they bring them in usually on a downwind if they are not on an arrival. Then they put them on a base and turn them again to a 20-30 degree localizer intercept (angle depends how far out they are). This is the time where they give an ILS clearance, I always remember this as PTAC (position, turn, altitude, clearence). It goes like this:

N80991, 5 Miles from (intersection), Turn Left heading 200, descend and maintain 3000 until established on the localizer, Cleared ILS runway 23 Approach.

Then once they are on FULLY aligned (meaning on glide slope and localizer) then they are handed off to tower. If they have a go around, then they bring them into the pattern and bring them down again. If you want to control many people, then you going to have to give people speed restrictions,

I know I put a lot of Info that didn’t answer the question, but I think It is Quite Interesting.

There’s only 61 people on the community now?
Tsss. They should make the airplanes free that’ll help

Ehm make airplanes free? This is another topic it Goes about that people change freq without permission

I know, you said ‘everyone read this topic?’
While there were only 61 views so I made a joke about the amount of people on the community and that FDS should make planes free for a bigger community.

Stupid joke, I know, sorry. I’m tired and in a weird mood

Ow okay😂 no problem

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Umm yes, of course, but what was that supposed to answer? :P

Oh I didn’t saw you! I only saw @JFKPlaneSpotter :)


It was supposed to be a message (ik im bad at actually answering the question) that the app controller will hand you off when he knows you are on visual or on ILS. Patience.

Haha yeah then I follow you! Where do you control on vatsim? Might stop by some time ;)

I control at ZDV (Denver airspace)

How come everyone seems to be controlling there? :P So you control with Connor McLeod?

I don’t recall the name. Is he a visiting controller or a home controller at ZDV?

I think he’s a home controller, but I might be mistaken…

Alright. I’ll check real quick.

I don’t see any Connor in our ARTCC. Could he be a controller on IVAO?

Lol, sorry, it was ZME… Ain’t easy for a European with all those Z’s :P