Don't be that atc guy

Please for all people who are atc in TS1.

Do Not Do The following

  1. If an aircraft is close to a available runway. Please do not make them go across the whole airport to another runway.
  2. If someone is too far away to be able to change frequency please don’t spam the guard warning.
  3. If your departure please do not send a guard warning to someone who is still on ground.

It’s get kind of fustrating when your trying to have a nice flight then some troll get on and does these things.


You say it’s training server what do you really expect


lemme guess. SoCal TS1? Specifically KNUC?


I know but for some people who wants to fly realistic like on expert its kinda annoying

No not necessarily. I never step foot on socal. It’s just all over

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Well it’s training server most of them people aren’t even on the community.


Don’t be that pilot that thinks because they spawned on the inactive side of the field we need to accommodate.


Are you grade 3 or greater? Just fly on expert and don’t jack with any of this.

Fly expert…


What I meant by that was say. Runway 23R is open and your close to you but also 23L is also open but it’s on the other side of the airport. It’s kind of a drag to be taxing all the way over there.

I mean common sense if I were to be grade 3 then I wouldn’t have an issue. But since I’m not. I just had to make this post

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Aw man. Good luck though all it takes is hard work. :)

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Besides all the “just go to expert” comments, I completely agree with what you’ve said. We need some way to educate the general training server ATC population, believe me, this is very hard. It has been a topic of very high debate here on the community for a long time. The main problem is that most people on the training server don’t have a community account, making posts like these null.

Until a reasonable and realistic solution is found, you only have two options with situations like you’ve said. One, stay on training server and simply deal with it, there’s not much you can do at the moment. Or two, try to get to grade 3 and come join the expert server. If you do a lot of touch and goes and just regularly fly you’ll reach it in no time. :)


Jump in the Decathlon and challenge yourself while gaining copious amounts of XP so that you can delve into the expert server.

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I totally agree matt
But you might also not know that they may have a community account

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Even if it means just watch a 30 minute youtube video and take a test it would make the ATC eight times better. I totally agree.

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Maybe some day in the futures there would be something more easier access to this information to people who don’t have access to community or don’t know about it

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I think it should just say Ÿou need to take a test in order to control ATC" it would simplify the whole thing.

Yea would be great that has simple and basic knowledge questions about atc and how it works. Should be nothing too complicated

Hey guess what guys we have that it’s called the Expert server go figure.