Don't ask if you can use a callsign related to a crash (in the forum)

Based on my experience

Seriously, today I recieved a lot of flags for asking if I can use the callsign 610 (you know) for pay respects and some weeks ago for cactus 1549, both inappropiate. And I didn’t had the intention to offend or making that in a insulting way. With a little help of a user via PM, I realized (not completely) myself that asking something related to a crash, even if is to pay respects, can make sensible people flag you.

I really respect the victims of the crashes. But seriously, Don’t do that.

Also I would like apologize for the other irrelevant and inappropiate comments that I’ve made in the forum too. I’ll work to be someone who doesn’t “insult” too much.

Cheers :)


I dont understand its not a big deal, like do you section out all the numbers of aircraft crashes i just don’t understand

It was a daily flight untill that flight happened (RIP) and we have a livery for it.

Dont see whats wrong. Everyone survived.

I dont see an issue with them. They sound like callsigns which was used previous before them. They do get retired after them out of respect but its a game u can do whatever you want. You can fly an A380 to Saba and no one can stop you

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Maybe provide context when and why you are going to use them. It would help clear up a lot of misunderstandings.

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@JetSuperior5192: It’s good that you’ve understood your mistake, but it’s quite disturbing that you needed to ask about it, considering you’re an IFATC member and should know the procedures related to accident callsigns - it’s outlined in one of the first sections, mind you. Either you haven’t read that or you’re trying to make a joke out of it…and considering this isn’t the first time, it’s becoming a very bad look on you.

And, how do you know there’s not someone on this community who was affected by this flight, or another one of the sort? Be mindful of your surroundings, you never know who may be reading that post, and guess what, you may have offended someone. I’m sorry, but you have to be more mindful of who may be reading that post, especially considering a flagrant statement like that on the internet is certainly not a good look for you.


To add on… Someone in this community could’ve had some family member or friend on this flight.

Thunder I respect you and all, but this is a flight simulator, Made to fly regardless mabey we should stop flying aircraft that crashed…

The thing with is it can be insensitive to the people in these tragic events and those effected by it.

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Just a little thing: Its not related to IFATC, is related on the forum. Is related to a experience that I had and I want to share, so we have a civilized discussion in the future.


I mean…you did ask if you could use the callsign…and the answer was right in front of you in the ATC Manual, which you should’ve read in full when you joined IFATC, and if you referenced that, there wouldn’t be a need to ask, in public, on an FNF thread. Simple as that.


Hi Mateo,

In IFATC, we don’t and are not to report any users who have the callsign of a crash because we never know their true intentions. You won’t be reported for that. If you are, then an appeal should be made. You don’t need to ask for the communities permission because quite frankly, this isn’t the place for that


Ok, gotcha both, thanks

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