Donghai Airlines Boeing 737-800

Donghai Airlines 737-800 Request

Hello IFC! Today I request the addition of the Donghai 737-800

Donghai Airlines is a Airline that is based in Shenzhen. The Airline was established in 2002 as Jetwin Cargo Airline and flies to many destinations including a notable one, to Darwin. Donghai Airlines mainly flies domestically around China along with a few International Routes.

Reasons why I want this in IF is that there is a shortage of Chinese Airlines in IF and can open up many domestic routes around China from Shenzhen.
Also, the livery also looks very colourful and is resembling a Bird.

More About Donghai Airlines:

More about the Boeing 737:

Bumping this topic!

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humm…seems like no one is replying for this one

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Donghai Airlines already has a new Chinese-inspired livery

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So? It doesn’t hurt to request this livery.

Ok, but you don’t have to post that, it’s not necessary.

Of course it does not affect your application, I also support you

Interesting Livery @canton

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Really like that tail design.

Donghai Airlines is a good company, and the paint has not been added to the game, but there will be opportunities