Done with populated regions

It’s understandable that others feel at a loss when coping with rogue pilots. I often ask myself why once ATC leaves, people just flip out and pretend it’s a free for all. Common courtesy is a lost art these days.

But at the same time, we need to consider that there aren’t really any consequences for doing stuff like that when a controller or mod is not present. In the real world, you’d lose your license, get a suspension, or be fined if attempting anything close to a whiff of stupid.

Try a positive attitude. For example, while I’m working approach and someone misses their intercept or is going too fast, I simply shake it off and let them be. It’s their problem for being stupid, not mine. If they want another approach, so be it. Looking past the negativity and squeezing a stress ball (which I prescribed to myself starting last week) works wonders. Keep an eye out for the rare gems of pilots who brighten your day and make you smile.

Education is key with our members. The more people who know about the report user button, the more they may be inclined to use it. Perhaps making the interface in a way that it would be easier to report would be beneficial in the future.


We need global. When global is out, all the peanuts will be spread out a lot more, which means we will not encounter them :D


Nice to see a well written, punctuated and properly spelled intelligent post instead of the immature bashing that seem to be more of the norm on the Community.


XP is useless now that people are just leaving there devices running IF and just fly across the region, and then when they get to to grade 3 or 4 or 5 which they are aiming for they have not a clue what to do when atc is gone, and the problem is that when we don’t report them, they continue to do the same thing. If we want to fix this problem on the expert server, we need to think outside the box a little to come up with a new idea to stop all the nimrod from coming onto the expert server which sadly isn’t the expert sever it was once know as.


A few points:

  • Paragraphs are your friends

  • I always report poeple if they are doing something stupid.(like taking of when someone is on short short final)

  • If I’ve been on expert and I have made a mistake ( very rarely ), I message the controller and I apologise and say they did a great job( they always do). If I have to deal with many pms on poeple complaining about ghosting then I’m sure it’s a nice change to get a positive message.


Just had a knucklehead (Some guy called FromKorea, callsign New Zealand 89) on purpose skip the cue of 5 people in line for taking off at KNUC. Total idiot, pure selfishness.

There’s not much you can do about it, I mean just fly solo if it’s a big issue for you

@techno.02life I agree XP is useless, but it’s also annoying. Although I have 35 hours of online flight time, my XP is only 12k… Trying so hard to get to expert

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I fixed my issue with Live…TS2 South Florida…

You will find me on casual when I fly. I look forward to Global and ‘quiet’ regions. Would love to fly in Grand Canyon and other geographical wonders :)


I wish there was a feature that showed someone on live has reported you. Maybe that will tell people to stop playing around


@KeDoG3… Another book chapter posted to add to your IF legacy. The BlatherSkype’s loved it it appears. They love to ramble and opine endlessly.
When are you off to bird charm school? Believe the kid are plannning a going away party, what color balloons and flavor of ice cream do you like. LOL.

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not true at all! many people don even earn there xp. Thy go to an abandoned region with a c172 put the power to 5 percent and then go to bed.

Some do, but you need to maintain a certain amount of landings per month, so I presume they’d have some idea of flying.

ok, i didn’t know that thx for the new info! :)

I guess he had an important mission to get to. 🛫

Also if shows who reported you, you can apologize to them.

or report them back


“I am so done. Like, I cant even.”

Maybe you can be an informed person and read the post before throwing out such nonsense. It’s not a complaint so much as a call to action.Being informed helps from making ill informed accusations.

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