DONE / 4DEC22 / 1800Z The Winter Medford Flyout @KMFR

14 hours to go - there’s still some spots left!

Just about 3 hours to go!

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Can I have this you can give me an aircraft and airline but I would like to go to LAX

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I can probably put you in where @United403 was since it sounds like he’s not coming and his slot goes to LAX

Just waiting to see if he replied in the event comms, but either way I’ll get you down

Alright I’ve got you down and I’ll bring you over to the event PM shortly

Edit: and by shortly I mean whenever the cool down wears off

1 and a half hours to go

Just a few minutes over an hour to go!

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About 15 minutes out from when I’d like people to begin spawning

I will be controlling!

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For arrival into ksfo please use this ATIS
arrivals: 28L, 28R
Departures: 1L, 1L, 28R
Pattern work: 28R

This isn’t a group flight to sfo

Dude this isn’t SFO

I know but I will be controlling sfo next for those going there

You still don’t need to advertise that

Only 1 user is slated to go there and I haven’t seen them in a bit

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Thats ok

I am so sorry but I won’t be able to make it.

I know

You clicked “not going” the other week in the PM

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Here is todays ATIS

  • KMFR 041653 AUTO 00000KT 4SM BR BKN085 BNK110 03/02
  • departures: 14
  • arrivals: 14
  • pattern work: 14 (right work only)
  • other: VFR allowed, use cation 4SM visibility!

WOuldnt it be MVFR?

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