DONE / 4DEC22 / 1800Z The Winter Medford Flyout @KMFR

Yeah i just noticed that I have no idea why sry

'tis ok

maybe it was just a brief moment you did it and it wasn’t long enough to remember?

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Yeah I probably just forgot

Let’s get some signups! Week and a half to go!

Could I have a flight to KBUR with Avelo Airlines 737-800 please

There’s not a 737 compatible gate open at this time

Alternatively I can get you in last minute if one of them doesn’t show, or after they pushback and get taxiing, but no guarantees.
If not though, is there any E175 or CRJ route you’d like?

Got just a day over a week to go!

1 week left

Under a week; 6 days left

how regional are those regional gates supposed to be? what aircraft size?

Aircraft Size: CRJ-200 through CRJ-900 (we once got some from AA) and E170 to E175

Preferably in American (CRJ7/CRJ9 exclusive) Alaska, Delta, or United liveries to one of their destinations

It wasn’t fully thought out since I honestly thought this event wouldn’t this full

Just about 4 days

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I’ll take this to KPDX in an Alaska Horizon Dash-8

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And you can have a Q400 to Portland at gate 6C

Ok I’ve got you listed for it!

Just a bit under two days!

American Phoenix CRJ7

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Alrighty I’ve got you in on gate 6D for a trip to Phoenix!

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Never though I’d say this in this event, but there’s only one passenger gate left!

Just a few minutes under 26 hours to go!

Some slots are still available!