DONE / 4DEC22 / 1800Z The Winter Medford Flyout @KMFR

Event bump

i’ll take this

And so it’ll be yours!

I’ll get you down shortly

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Gate 6A: United Skywest E175 to San Francisco (KSFO)

this one

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And gate 6A is yours!

Event bump

Keep Filling Medford

Also @AirCanada11 a while back you mentioned that you might want a gate instead of ATC… Are you still on for ATC or do you feel like hopping over to a gate?

Hear ye, hear ye

Gate 5 is now available once more! You can take either a United flight to Denver in the A319 (you can use A320 though because the 319 has no UA livery) or the E175, and even though it’s not listed currently in the topic, you can also choose an Avelo flight to Burbank

@BlueThunder08 are you still able to attend?

I started a event comm to get things organized because there’s 2 weeks to go, and the system says you’re not accepting messages so I’m just asking you here

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May I please keep my gate with the B738?

Im sorry i don’t remember asking to attend?

You clicked the “interested” button?

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Ok I can switch you back in

Can I have 1A but On the Alaska E-175 to either SEA or LAX

Considering no one’s taken the AA flight there, I can put you down

If someone does resign from an existing Alaska gate I’ll move you there though

Are you still deciding on SEA or LAX?

Can I resign from ATC?

I don’t know, can you?

Yep I can get you off it

Edit: I’ll do it when I get back to my PC

I’ll let you choose

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