DONE / 4DEC22 / 1800Z The Winter Medford Flyout @KMFR

4 pre-set gates remain, and 3 somewhat custom gates remain for a combined total of 7 terminal gates!

All cargo and GA slots remain unclaimed, if passenger flights aren’t in your interests. There’s lots of cool GA airports within the vicinity, with lots of mountain or coastal and desert not far off

So October 31st at this time appears to be the last day for Horizon’s Q400 aircraft at MFR, based on flightradar24. I’ll give it until November starts to have someone sign up, but if not then I’ll switch the Portland route back over to the E175 assuming that if anyone signs up for that slot doesn’t want the E175 already


Let’s get some signups! Just about a month to go!

Hi,can I get Avelo B737 to Burbank?

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Can I sneak this as well

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Avelo’s 737s, or any other bigger than regional jet aircraft, doesn’t necessarily fit at that gate. Only gate 5 and 6F handle the A319/737 and bigger in real life


Do you have a regional jet preference? If you want to fly down to Burbank, in a 737, I can get you in for the 737-700BBJ that’s based here

The selection you quoted does say regional airline/aircraft

Yes i can get you in for it, as long as it won’t impact your flying

It won’t at all

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You know what I can do here, is if you want to use the Avelo 737 I can have you spawn into gate 6F or 5 after the user already there has pushed back or doesn’t show. Does that sound good?

I have upgraded the CRJ-200 flights to LAX and SFO up to the E175 since United has in real life!

I have also swapped out Alaska’s Q400 to a E175 since the Q400 doesn’t appear to be flying here no more :(


Which one was it? I can’t see which one it is

But it can definitely be taken under your name!

The e175 to pdx

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Alright I’ll get you listed down for that here momentarily!

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this not AA :)

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i Blame the bus lurching around for that problme

Hold on

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Alright it should look better now!

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Thanks so much!

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Let’s get some more signups!