DONE / 4DEC22 / 1800Z The Winter Medford Flyout @KMFR

Once again can confirm the LAX route is still active, as I saw the plane from there go by today.

also bump, let’s get some signups for Medford!

Insider here, as we phase out the Q, we’re using it on shorter routes. I believe MFR will only be E175s to Seattle from here on out. I’m Medford is a 75 crew base now.

That does check out, as PDX still has the Q400 and all the rest are all E175-ed up

This to KLAS?

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Sure thing

I can get you signed up here in a second

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Numero 1

Numero 2

For the record, @United403 got permission prior to drop these here

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I’m honestly sad we’re retiring the Q, being able to stand up in the pit is nice lmao. But the jets are waaaaay better from a passenger view. The future for Horizon is def gonna be interesting. When I started it was mostly Q’s and some jets and now it’s mostly jets

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I too am sad. For a long time they were what I saw Alaska Air as, because for some 10 years of visiting MFR (a lot more frequently since 2019) I could rely on one to roll up and sound amazing in the process as well as not being a regional jet. It was cramped though but cool. This June I’ll likely be flying to Seattle, and I doubt there’ll be any Q400s left by then (at least at MFR) so kinda sad

Q400s will be completely retired in January. :(

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Seems I’ll have to expedite my plans to try and catch one at MFR before they’re gone for good

Can I switch to this? Also do you mind if I use the A220? If not then no worries

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I can switch you to the Delta flight to Seattle, but as you may have seemingly predicted, and since MFR doesn’t see the A220, I’ll be leaving it as the E175

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Ok sounds good

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4 pre-set gates remain, and 3 somewhat custom gates remain for a combined total of 7 terminal gates!

All cargo and GA slots remain unclaimed, if passenger flights aren’t in your interests. There’s lots of cool GA airports within the vicinity, with lots of mountain or coastal and desert not far off

So October 31st at this time appears to be the last day for Horizon’s Q400 aircraft at MFR, based on flightradar24. I’ll give it until November starts to have someone sign up, but if not then I’ll switch the Portland route back over to the E175 assuming that if anyone signs up for that slot doesn’t want the E175 already


Let’s get some signups! Just about a month to go!

Hi,can I get Avelo B737 to Burbank?

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Can I sneak this as well

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