DONE / 4DEC22 / 1800Z The Winter Medford Flyout @KMFR

Hello there!

Welcome to my 2nd event, once again at MFR. It’s located in Medford, at the northern portion of the Rouge Valley. To the north is the Rogue River and Table Rocks, to the east is the Cascades mountain range, to the west is the Siskiyou mountain range and to the south the two ranges meet along the California border. We’ve got one runway, and a fair number of destinations that can be anywhere from minutes to a few hours away.

Server: Training (due to likely higher audiences, as well as almost guaranteed ATC)
Time: 1800z / 11AM Pacific
Where: KMFR
Type: Flyout


Gate 1A: Alaska Horizon E175 to Seattle, WA (KSEA)…… @Ryan_Carney

Gate 1B: Alaska Horizon E175 to Portland, OR (KPDX)……… @Flyin.Hawaiian

Gate 1C: Alaska Horizon E175 to Seattle, WA (KSEA)………. @AlaskaAirfireball111

Gate 2: Alaska Skywest E175 to Los Angeles, CA (KLAX)…… @anon36731834

Gate 3: Alaska Skywest E175 to Los Angeles, CA (KLAX)…… @Avaitor1

Gate 4: Delta Skywest E175 to Seattle, WA (KSEA)…………. @Butter575

Gate 5: United B737-800 to Denver, CO (KDEN)…. @AmericanB772

Gate 6A: United Skywest E175 to San Francisco (KSFO)… @Metro_Aviation

Gate 6B: United Skywest CRJ-700 to Denver (KDEN)…. @Chopmaster

Gate 6C: Alaska Horizon Q400 to Portland (KPDX)………. @JMacMcd

Gate 6D: American Eagle CRJ-700 to Phoenix (KPHX)………. @RagonDragon

Gate 6E: Regional Airline/Aircraft and route of choice………. NOT TAKEN

Gate 6F: Allegiant A320 to Los Angeles (KLAX)……………. @NvAviator

NOTE: Gates 5 and 6F are the only ones that handle aircraft bigger than regional jets.

Cargo Ramps

Cargo Spots Will Be Listed As They’re Taken

General Aviation Ramps

GA Spots Will Be Listed As They’re Taken

ATC Positions Are Open To Those Who Know What They’re Doing

Ground: @AirCanada11

Tower: @AirCanada11

Departure: NOT TAKEN

Approach: NOT TAKEN



That Small Text Disclaimer No One Reads

-If you get a violation, that’s on you not me. I’m not responsible for any vios earned at the event.
-Act as if you’re professionals
-In the event ATC doesn’t show, use Unicom appropriately and correctly.
-If you take a gate, I ask you actually show up
-If you’re wondering who took the photos, it was I, @anon36731834


~If there’s any formatting issues or missing elements that the events category requires, let me know~

This my good friend

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is this a request to sign up? (not fully sure)

Both probably 😉

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Ok then, you’ve got gate 3!

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Hey there! I’ll take this on an Alaska E175 to San Francisco furthermore to Palm Springs

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You’ve got gate 6C all to you

Thank you! Can’t wait

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Either this or a flight will see can you just put me down for this RN

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Ok, you’ve got Tower and Ground, and if you come to a conclusion on if you want to fly or not, just let me know

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it’s been about a day since any activity, so here’s a bump

I would love to attend this event! May I have this route please?

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Yes you can have the route, and I’ve got you down for it!

Let’s get some more signups, there plenty of spots left!

There’s still routes to Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles! All flights (except Denver, and depending on the weather, Phoenix) are under 2 hours so each flight shouldn’t take a whole ton of time to do!

Been a few days of no activity, so i’m just going to bump this in case someone’s interested who didn’t see it before

May I please have this?
Gate 5: United B737-800 to Denver, CO (KDEN)…. NOT TAKEN

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Yes I can get you down for it

do you have a preference on the 737-800 or E175?

I also recognize you at the one of two people who showed up to my last event

Thank you! You can make fun of me all you want but in my opinion I like the B738 better!

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The 737 is an amazing aircraft

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