Is there anyway to donate some money to IF? Like if someone has 80 cents left on itunes, and needs a way to get rid of it, is there a way to donate a little bit of money? Or if someone really likes IF and wants do donate money in larger amounts, like $400 or something.

i have already proposed that…

Wow, impressive.

ikr? :p

I would donate about 20 dollars.

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Agreed. I could donate 20€, but 400€…

I would invest 400€ to pay myself my flying classes!

Sorry devs :)

This is how you can donate:

(Yes, I have a Infinite Flight T-Shirt. :) )


And spread the word at the same time

Yeah true! I will get one for xmas for myself :)

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its now on my list to Santa!!

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@MishaCamp please close this topic, Duplicate. Thank you.

Please don’t tag the mods. They have said multiple times that the best was to get their attention is with a flag:)


Very sorry mods I didn’t know this, learn something new everyday :D

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It’s all good, next time!😃