Donald Trump's Boeing 757

Yes please, close this and make it burn!

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Cant wait to see the corruption on IF when this livery is added.

But you guys do know the plane has nothing to do with Trumps political campaign right. THE PLANE HAS FEELINGS TOO!


Oh btw, why not put this in Real World Aviation?..

Just commenting to see the LOLs

Because he requested for it.

I figured but, It’s already flagged so, I was thinking why not just recreate the topic under Real World Aviation

Oh hell no.

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youre right, lets leave the corruption in Features

This must be added.

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I don’t understand Donald Trump. He’s all over the news in Australia :-)

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Don’t add it please.

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Why not? Its just another cool plane.

But its Trump! Lol

Since this has resurfaced again it seems like a good time to have a reminder: political comments should be kept to oneself.


Watch Donald trump be a huge infinite flight fan…lol

Cut the political talk. Please don’t turn this forum on each other because of that crap.

Discussing the livery is fine just like all other liveries. This one existed long before the owner’s presidential candidacy. It is irrelevant.

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True. I would love to see this livery added! That plane ALWAYS visits my local airport. It’s a really nice livery. By the way @HairlineAirlines funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

Same mate my parents just keeping changing the channel whenever he comes up as a story


PLEASE close this topic.


Would hate to see this plane ! Will never fly it nor look at it