Donald Trump looking to replace F-35 Deal

Donald Trump revealed he is in discussion with Boeing to halt the F-35 deal and look to upgrade the F/A-18 fleet.

Check out @realDonaldTrump’s Tweet:


Is the Boeing F/A-18 a better Fighter Jet though?

I’m sure there’s a lot of variables in play.

Not sure but the F-22 is ;) Im just reporting the news.


Also remeber who the F-18s fly for. The Navy version is not meant to be air superiority but multi role.


Let’s see what price Boeing gives Trump.
Canada just recently picked the Super Hornet over the F-35.

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F-35 isn’t going to be cancelled, some are already deployed.

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Canada lost $10 billion dollars in contracts and 10k jobs for not choosing the F-35 and will never be able to purchase one. Their loss.

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Today’s stock tank due to a person tweeting: Lockheed Martin.

Nothing to see here, the Air Force has probably paid so much progress payments to Lockheed that they’re probably better off sticking to the deal. Move along…

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No F-35s are meant to act as fighters, all variants are multiroles. We have the F-22 for air superiority.

The definition of multi role is to fill any role of another aircraft that includes air superiority when outfitted with air to air weapons, close air support when outfitted with close support configuration, or attack when outfitted with air to ground configuration. Do your research next time on what multirole actually means.

The AF’s F-35 are intended to replace the F-16s until the A-10 is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2028. The F-16 is an air superiority/air defense aircraft. That’s what the USAF will use them for until the A-10 is retired because of how much cheaper it is to operate A-10s over F-35s and how the A-10 is better suited for attack than the F-35 is.

he was telling Lockheed Martin to stop or make it cheaper, it’s just to pricey

trump also wanted to get rid of the new AF1 747-8

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he’s a smart man

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Donald has some sense. The f35 is slow and carries few weapons.


Breaking News Donald Trump decides to cut all fule for airplanes in us airforce because Its to expensive.

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hahah… that’s not really funny

Actually that’s not fully correct. Canada chose the Super Hornet as an “interim” solution to replace the current CF-18s while the government continues to further investigate a long term procurement. F35 is definitely still on the table, but the government still has to make a decision. SH just gives them more time. So far they’re blaming the previous government for making a mess out of everything, but in all honesty its just BS politics and bureaucracy.

@Boeing_777 Canada will still be able to purchase an F35. Business is business, and money is money. The end game for Lockheed is to sell planes.

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There’s a squadron of F-35 coming to the Fairbanks base in Alaska

the F35 is the joint strike fighter though