Donald Trump attacks Airbus and threatens Europe.

Hello all, the title says this:

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He’s just mad because airbus are thriving and boeing are collapsing…

But I wouldn’t worry, I doubt it would actually happen


Ohh political post here it comes


This article is a big joke, did you actually read it?

The USA know they can’t talk about gouvernement helping and favoritising aircraft manufacturers. Same with Europe if I understood correctly.

They both help Airbus / Boeing while suing the US / Europe (notice how you can switch the names)


It’s just politics. Nothing more, nothing less. Is this even allowed to post? Because we mostly avoid talking politics.

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This is allowed I believe because this is real world aviation related @Capt.SkyWalker. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

P.S.: If you think this reply is off-topic, please notify me through PM and I’ll remove this.

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I think politics posts only about Aviation is allowed.

It is not really, I read it and this might be concerning

That is exactly what Donald Trump is allowed to do, he can choose how much tax a product coming into the country can have

This do not make sense

Unneeded to include


Better article:

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This has more to do with the USA and China instead of the USA and airbus. Trump is just pretty mad that China has placed the €30 billion order for the a320. That’s all.


Guys, please don’t slide into an argument about politics as it ruins the category’s purpose. It’s better if we do some Googling ourselves and leave this topic for the mods to take care of.

Just…no politics.

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What do you think about politics posts ?

  • Post politics topics only about aviation in the IFC.
  • Not posting politics posts in the IFC.

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I think this topic should be closed. Topics about politics shouldn’t be an issue for this forum. Even If they are about aviation, there are more about politics.


If ya all think there’s an issue ya guys can message the mods/staff