Donald Trump as LAX Tower

Hey everyone! Today (08.01.2016) I got quite disappointed by a guy named Donald Trump. He was LAX Tower and told a lot of people to check help pages, even though they all did everything right. He also corrected me a couple of times. I am a pilot and I have the official ICAO Flight Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate. So I know what I’am doing. And communicating with ATC in the US is even a bit easier than in Europe. Unfortunately I can’t report " Donald Trump". Is it possible that anyone can do that. Because it’s not really amusing being told what to do by any amateur…

Fly save out there guys!

Samy Kramer


Well, have you tried to fly on the advanced server?


Well Donald Trump can just get out and concentrate on beating Hilary Clinton, not controlling planes and telling them uneccesary stuff when the users are actually doing the right thing


I do fly on advanced server sometimes. But the thing is, that there are often only Air Traffc Controllers in regions I didn’t buy yet.


I bet he denied all AeroMexico flights to enter the airspace. :/


😂😂Probably haha

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And Saudi Arabian flights too


Aeromexico 2792, inbound for landing requesting 24R

Tower: Denies Entry

American 9183, inbound for landing, requesting 24R

Tower: American 9183, number 1, 24R, cleared to land.


That’s exactly how it would work out.


IMHO…unless you have at least 100K XP and 50 flight hours …which is not very hard to reach with minimum dedication…you should not even be allowed to be an atc controller on the Pground…prove your ability to successfully pilot most if not all of the aircraft in the inventory first…before you think you are skilled enough both in knowledge and temperament to issue commands to others …allbeit if it is just a faithful depiction of a real world scenario in a sim setting…


Did the planes land safley?
Only joking yes I too disagree with these sort of political names. I believe ppl should just use their own name or (cover) name.

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He did desame thing to me as well.
I was on my final and had establish ils approach in 25R when he immediately ordered me to change runway to 24L i was like i dont even see any aircraft holding or lined up on that runway.
Curse you donald trump!

Do you have any screenshots of the conversation between you and the Trump Tower?

He built that tower when his father gave him a small loan of a million dollars.


Probably not since he was told every response from the tower was really great, phenomenal, outstanding, extraordinarily accurate and on the money and truly remarkable …so there would never be any need for any further discussion


Ok… I think it should be called Trump Tower from now on 😂


What’s wrong with someone called Donald Trump using IF ATC mode? Nothing… Only what you make of it

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This is all just hilarious

Nothing is wrong with that… What’s wrong is the way he acts like he knew stuff… He could also name himself Mickey Mouse. Doesn’t matter.

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He actually told me this today…although I might have done something wrong, as today was my first day of Live.