Don’t know account

I reinstalled the game and it logged me out, i tried to login and it said no subscription found, I think I know the e-mail i signed up with but it didn’t work, i paid a lot of money and i don’t want to waste it.

Do devs know what e-mail i signed up with

Best Solution: PM a Developer


If you don’t know the email you signed up with, then that’s bad. Do you have proof of purchase? (Do NOT send it here.)

Please double check your email and password. If they still do not work, Tyler would love to help you out.

Try deleting it and then downloading it again. If it doesn’t work THEN contact a mod

But that’s what caused the issue

So you forgot the email and password you signed up with?

I do have proof of purchase

I tried what I thought it was and it said subscription not found

Then like I said… PM a dev (We cant do anything)

So your subscription has probably expired.